Kabi golf course is closed until further notice

We would like to thank all our staff & loyal customers for 10 wonderful years.

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Kabi Golf Course's objective is to become a totally self-sufficient facility. This includes, beef, chicken and all fruit, herbs etc to be used in our kitchen menu. The entire property is maintained organically without the use of any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or any other chemicals that are traditional ones used on golf courses and orchards.

The golf course and orchard are BFA {Biological Farmers Association} certified. Kabi is the only golf course in the Australia that is currently certified by the BFA. Research has shown us that Kabi is potentially the only golf course in the southern hemisphere if not the world that is certified organic body that is answerable to a government body. The BFA requires us to supply them with many different types of samples and data. These include soil samples, water analysis and weather reports as well as fertilizer inputs, all of which is compiled into various reports that must meet the stringent guidelines.


For recreation there is an 18-hole par 3 course which is challenging with fast undulating greens that are professionally designed. The full-length Orchard Nine combines par 3's, 4's and 5's that aim to challenge the golfer as well as providing an enjoyable walk through the organic orchards. There is a full length 250m grass driving range as well as a full size tennis court that is available for hire.


Compost toilets

Our compost toilets provide an immediate drop in water usage. All liquid deposits go through various sand filters stages until it is ready to be pumped as water waste and put back into our forests. This is for nutrient uptake purposes and adds to our plan of complete self- sufficiency.

Fruit Trees

Being a farm as well as a golf course, there are 1200 trees on the property. The produce from the trees gets used in the kitchen as well as sold to various fruit stores and markets. Varieties include 4 types of mandarins, 3 types of grapefruits, oranges, lemons and limes. Adding to the self -sustaining ability of the property there is 100 acres of cow pasture where there is an initial 6 head of cattle that are eventually destined for our clubhouse menu. Chicken production is also under way with organic free-range eggs already being produced for sale and clubhouse use.


The total size of the property is 300 acres with 120 acres of forest forming a buffer zone. All of this area is devoted to the conservation of our native flora and fauna. The whole facility is designed to be a land for wildlife project providing a home for many animals. Various species including black cockatoos, forest kingfishers, whistling kites, king parrot's, kangaroos and wallabies inhabit the golf course. Animals have the right of way on the course at all times.

Having the buffer zone also makes sure that the land is certain to not be future developed and can continue to be used to provide an organic sanctuary.


Housing The Club Bar, Kabi's clubhouse built in 1898 by William Olds was used for his family holiday home located in Gympie Terrace, Noosaville. Like most cottages of its time it had a jetty out the front. The cottage was relocated in a condemned state in the year 2000 and has been splendidly restored to how it stands at Kabi today. The view from the clubhouse veranda over looks the 1st and 18th hole and is an ideal spot for wildlife and bird watching while enjoying a meal.


kABI is now a rated golf course and is offering Memberships to all golfers whether you are a competitive Golfer or just want to take in the wonderous natural surronds of this unique Organic Golf Course.

The cost of membership is just $350pa and $5 per round 9 or 18 holes ,and will also give you an Official AGU Handicap through Golflinks the official web site for the AGU and lots more incentives to become part of the Kabi experience .

Remember everyone who plays at Kabi Organic Golf Course is a natural Golfer.


Pro-Shop Manager Graeme Shorland (07)54853494 ext 1  info@kabigolf.com.au

Clubhouse  Manager  Graeme Shorland(07)54853494  clubhouse@kabigolf.com.au 


Course Superintendant Troy MacLaren (07)54853494 ext 3     troy@kabigolf.com.au